There are around 100 companies members of UFCC, the organization representing chemical business in France – forming the full palette of activities and functions that are active in this field.

These companies have extremely diversified profile s:

  • through the various application fields they feed: health, food, metallurgical companies, building, textiles and many others, corresponding to different cultures,
  • through the nature of the chemical products they offer: commodities, specialties, fine chemical products requiring appropriate organizations and skills,
  •  through the scope and specific nature of the functions provided incorporating a variety of complementary services: warehousing, transport and delivery, conditioning,
  • by their status as industrial group commercial entities, or independent firms specializing in retailing and obtaining their supplies from many suppliers whether foreign or national,
  • and through the size of their turnover, numbers, geographical coverage…

With warehouses and agencies covering the entire country, a company fleet of several hundred trucks and a sales figure of around €2.6 billion, independent chemical retailing companies form an essential link in the chemical products supply chain.

They indeed play an essential role as an interface for adjustment between standard chemical production and the specific requests of more than 100,000 user companies, the great majority being small and medium size companies, in a multitude of downstream application sectors, offering them the possibility of :  

  • access to diversified procurement sources of national and external origin ;
  • grouping their purchases together among a limited number of suppliers ;
  • obtaining delivery, acting, volume, frequency and location conditions – adjusted to the specifics of their needs ;
  • proximity technical-commercial accompaniment.  

Their business is the retailing and international trading of chemical products. If you want fast, efficient and top quality service and at the very best conditions, call on these companies to help. 

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