Progress actions

Deliberate steps toward progress in the enterprise world are confirmed by a number of approaches aimed at establishing a policy and the means of controlling their organization and procedures in a variety of areas.

To accomplish this, the ISO (International Standard Organization) standards, as suggested by their name, correspond to references with respect to which companies, whatever their activities or sizes, can be assessed.

  • In the ISO 9001 standard system, the objective is management and quality assurance, while attempting to provide optimum prior notice and any malfunctions that could reduce the quality of the products and associated services offered.
  • In the ISO 14001 standard, the objective is the prevention of risks with respect to the environment

To complement this, the profession has developed a program which is designed to allow more accurately for the specifics of the activities and improve the management of the related risks, liable to have a bearing on health, the safety of man and of the environment.

This is the “Responsible Care” on the international level which, in its French immersion, bears the name of “Engagement de Progrès”.

It is the response of the profession to the concept of Sustainable Development.

This general concept which was created in Río de Janeiro in 1992, considers that indispensable development must comply with the resources of the planet.