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As a complement to the many chemical industry production groups and companies already involved in the “Commitment to Progress” approach within theUIC (French Chemical Industry), many Chemical, as enterprises, independent of the industry, are now formally involved in the program :

As a spin-off, they hope to gain strength and credibility among public authorities, their economic partners and the public opinion.

The priority goal of the profession is to increase quickly this number of voluntary signatories so that all the members progress towards better risk control in terms of safety and the protection of health and the environment.


List updated on : 02/02/2017

I / Chemical Trade companies or groups not attached to a producer

All the companies listed below represent more than 90% of the total turnover of independent distributors in France, and of their numbers.


Aceto France * (2)

Adeka Palmarole

A.J.V. International (1)

Almimet * (1)

Altichem (1)



Berkimpex (1)

Bim Sifram Group (1)


Brenntag S.A.* (36)

Caldic Centre * (1)

Caldic Spécialités (2)

C.D.M.A. * (1)

Charbonneaux Brabant (2)

Ciron S.A. *(4)


Copci Metamine (1)

CPCE (1)

Disachim S.A. *(1)

DKSH France (1)


Gaches Chimie * (3)


Grolman (1)Helm France (2)

Inventec *

IMCD France * (3)

Keyser & Mackay & Cie (1)

Lapasse Additives Chemicals

Lavollee SA * (1)

MC2 Chimie Dercam (2)

Néochimie (2)

Produits Chimiques Platret *(3)

Prodechim (1)

Prodikem (1)

Quaron * (6)


Ets B. Rossow et Cie (2)

Safic Alcan (1)

Ter France (1)

Unipex* (3)

Univar* (27)

Sté Versaillaise de Produits Chimiques* (1)

Victor Martinet (2)

Wacker Chimie


* Companies of which some sites were assessed by an independent third party (approved quality certification organizations) according to references by ESAD.

( ) The figure in brackets represent the number of operating and/or commercial sites managed by the company (Source: Survey on “Indicateurs de Performance 2006 – UFCC”).

II / Production companies or groups that are members of UFCC, signatories of the program through the UIC (1)

BASF France
Wacker Chimie 
Yara France

(1) To refer to the full list of program signatories among the UIC members, click here

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