Environment certification

Henceforward, a number of companies are also thinking in terms of extending their certification in the field of the environment, according to the ISO 14001 standard.

List of Chemical Commerce companies or groups (not attached to a producer) or Associate Members working directly in logistics, having obtained quality certification(*)

  • Azelis France
  • Brenntag
  • Charbonneaux Brabant
  • Cimcool
  • IMCD France
  • Lavollée SA
  • Omya

(*) Source : Enquête UFCC 2006

IIn addition, note that the environmental concern is getting a great deal of attention by an increasing number of distributors – according to the provisions and criteria specially adapted to the specifics of chemical activities and as part of Avon and to read program of the profession, under the name of “Responsible Care”.

A brief presentation is given in the section entitled “Responsible Care”.

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