For the start-up of this approach, prior evaluation of the real situation of each company with respect to program objectives is essential.
An assessment tool of this kind, adjusted to the needs of Chemical, as, has been developed as a harmonized European effort under the name of ” ESAD ” (European Single Assessment Document).

  • Consisting of a set of detailed questions in phase with the guidelines of the program, it allows fine analysis of each individual situation.
  • Its use is compatible both with a self-assessment approach and assessment by a third party.
  • In the event of certain functions being subcontracted, in particular conditioning, storage or transport, it is up to the direct Chemical Trade players to evaluate the subcontractors by means of the appropriate part of the reference material and to draw from it any information propitious to orchestrated progress.

Progress Plan

On the basis of the learning of these assessments, each company involved has to establish its action priorities within an annual progress plan.
It must also be capable of regularly measuring the effects and redirecting it accordingly, in a quest for constant progress regarding risk control.
To do this, it is also required to respond to performance indicator enquiries, not only to assess its own development on the basis of certain measurable objectives, but also as a way of comparing itself with the professional average in this area.

Product Stewarship

Offsetting their efficiency, some chemical products can be dangerous to health or the environment, to be allayed by :

  • circumstantiated assessment of the risks depending on uses and conditions of exposure,
  • appropriate collective and/or individual prevention and protection measures.

Because of their final purpose in terms of health or food, or for particularly demanding industrial applications, other products require faultless traceability and precautions in processing at the various points of the line, to avoid any alteration or contamination.

To improve risk control in these different cases and situations, the profession now endeavours to list, and/or produce various application guides and appropriate procedures to translate into everyday operations the spirit and the objectives of the overall “Responsible Care” approach.

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