L’UNION FRANCAISE DU COMMERCE CHIMIQUE (UFCC) results from a merger in 1998 between la Chambre Syndicale Française du Commerce Chimique and le Groupement Professionnel Français des Importateurs et Exportateurs de Produits Chimiques.

As a professional organization representative of Chemical Trade, UFCC works according to the guidance of its Board of directors, through a permanent structure, backed by various working groups and Commissions :


Advisory Office Administrators

M. Jean-François MACHARD, SVPC

M. Jean MAZERES, Unipex
M. Hervé ORY-LAVOLLEE, Lavollée SA

M. Guillaume BONNEL, Altichem

M. Claude PLATRET, Produits Chimiques Platret


  • M. Philippe BEDEL, Inventec Performance Chemicals
  • M. Lionel BREDA, Helm France
  • Mme Béatrice FEOUX, Caldic France
  • M. Pierre GACHES, Gaches Chimie
  • M. Bruno LAFABREGUE, Quaron
  • M. Yvan MARGUIER, IMCD France
  • Mme Sylvie PAULET, Almimet
  • M. Laurent THIRION, Univar
  • M. Philippe VILLEQUEY, Safic Alcan
  • M. Georges de WATRIGANT, CDMA


In charge of implementing the orientations and priorities defined by the Board of Directors, and of everyday operation of the organization regarding its representation, and information and leadership assignments in professional life.

  • Gilles RICHARD, General Secretary,
  • Martine SENECHAL/Aurélie POUZAUD : Technical and customs-related issues – information release – secretarial responsibilities.
  • Sarah MATTEI : Social issues – Responsible Care / Approaches for progress – Management and organization of events – Communication and Internet site.
  • Anaïde BUREL : Sector legal questions related to dangerous products, their storage and transport – Transversal laws.


  • Technical Committee – President : M. Ph. PENICAUD (Quaron), with an action field involving the monitoring of regulations having technical effects specific to the chemical sector ;
  • Fine Chemicals Committee – President : Mme Maria ALMENAR (Azelis France), focusing more specifically on the fields of pharmacy, cosmetics, veterinary and food issues…
  • Social Committee – President : Mme M.  FOUQUEREL (Azelis France), fielding all the social issues of the sector of a general or specific nature ;
  • Responsible Care Committee – President : M. Ph. PENICAUD (Quaron), in charge of providing impulse and following up the implementation of the voluntary program of the profession for health, safety and environmental protection (for more information about this program, click on Responsible Care).

When necessary, these commissions are completed by various individual thematic working groups devoted to social, economic, and technical issues and to the organisation and operation of the association.


Considering specific aspects, the distribution of chemical products used for hardware stores and home improvements, for the general public, representation within the UFCC comes from a specific professional organization – SFCP – made up of members whose activity focuses essentially on these end users.

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