UFCC has four main objectives :

  • To represente the collective interests of the profession and develop its image,
  • To give impulse to all the necessary policies and approaches for progress among the members,
  • To informe its members, especially concerning regulations,
  • To facilite synergy between members and with various professional partners



The primary assignment of UFCC is to protect the interests of the profession at various national, European and international levels.

At the national level,

UFCC has close contacts with the various public authorities and depending on the type of issue at hand – general or specific to the profession – carries out this role :

either through an intermediary or by coordination with various other professional organizations :

* transversal :

  • French Business Confederation (MEDEF),
  • French Shipper Council (AUTF)
  • French Confederation of Wholesale and International Trade (CGI)

* sectored :

  • French Chemical Industry Association (UIC) and the other attached union

or by participating directly in various Administration-Profession orchestration structures like :

  • the Interministerial Commission for the Transport of Hazardous Goods (CITMD), with coordination by the Terrestrial Transport Department (DTT)
  • the Interministerial Chemical Products Group (GIPC),
  • the National Working Group for polluted sites and soils,
  • the National Mission for the Control of Chemical Precursors (MNCPC),

as well as a number of individual consultations orchestrated by other public authorities or expert organizations: DGCCRF, Customs, AFSSAPS, AFNOR…

On the community level,

UFCC actively participates in the working groups of the European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC) which – through its permanent representation in Brussels and its close ties with the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) – keeps a close eye on the changing regulations and pleads in favour for the specifics of the profession.

On the international level,

UFCC – like the 15 other national chemical commerce professional organizations in Europe – is a member of the International Council of Chemical Trade Associations (ICCTA), also representing various professional associations in North and South America (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil …).


The profession is increasingly concerned about stimulating the adopting of voluntary approaches towards progress among its members.

First and foremost, this concerns quality certification according to the ISO 9001 standard and more recently, the ISO 14001 standard for the environment.

As a compliment to this, the profession is increasingly deeply involved – as in the case of the chemical industry – in a voluntary program to control risks in terms of health, safety and the environment, in France known as : “Engagement de Progrès”Responsible Care.

This program is a major priority for the profession.


General information : through a variety of media, in particular :

  • a general information bulletin dealing essentially with the effects of social, economic, tax, customs and technical regulations,
  • general or targeted circulations regarding some specific themes,
  • general information meetings to complete the various specialized commissions,

reinforced by this Internet site representing the UFCC which, in addition to its open general information feature also includes a “member area” which is updated regularly and offers secure access.

Tailor-made information and consulting :

When a direct member is confronted by a particular the specific question – especially regulatory – but it is unable to stand in for specialized consulting, UFCC endeavours to act as quickly and efficiently as possible to accompany this member in seeking the right solution.

Accompanying tools :

UFCC has helped set up a variety of tools designed to assist its members, in particular :

  • on a partnership with Chimitel, contribution to the creation of a “telematics” server for the distribution of safety data sheets (FDS) ;
  • close ties with the AFT/IFTIMAssociation regarding transport/logistics training, especially for hazardous goods ;
  • for the “Responsible Care” program, contribution to setting up an assessment reference base known as “ESAD” – relative to risk control in terms of health, safety and the environment, for chemical distribution


Intra-professional exchanges:

By grouping together within UFCC, enterprises having the same interests, their directors are naturally prompted to want to get to know each other better, exchange information and compare viewpoints.

These contacts take place within permanent commissions but also organized events – General Assemblies, Regional Days and Chemicals Challenge (annual golf tournament) and extend beyond the national framework, for instance during the Annual Congress of the European Chemical Commerce Federation …

The increasing success of these events is proof of the fact that these company directors considered these opportunities for informal exchange to be increasingly important.

Exchanges with service providers – associated members :

For the performing of their activities, Chemical Commerce players sometimes subcontract various functions to specialized operators (like transporters, warehouse companies, waste processing firms, etc) and have recourse to a number of equipment, material, specialized package providers or various service suppliers (experts, consultants, instructors, etc).

These product/service providers concerning chemical activities can become associate members of the UFCC and thus receiving its information and participate in its events.